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Replacing A Rear Burner Electrode

Replacing the electrodes on your grill when they wear is a simple maintenance procedure. Follow the instructions below, or download the PDF to complete. If you have any issues, our Customer Solutions department is happy to help you, just call 1-866-820-8686.

Replacing Rear Burner Electrode

  1. Disconnect gas supply to the grill. RemoveWarming rack.
  2. Disconnect the rear burner electrode wire from the igniter under control panel.
  3. On the 308 models, remove the four #8x1/2" screws on the back cover with a .” nut driver or ratchet. On some models, two of the screws are not visible; they are located on the inside, bottom corners of the back panel.
  4. On the 450 models, remove the four #8x1/2" screws on the back cover with a .” nut driver or ratchet. On some models, there is four #14x1/2" screws attaching the back cover to the front side of the rear leg. You will need a 3/8" driver to remove these.
  5. To access the rear burner electrode, remove the four #8x1/2" screws with a .” nut driver or ratchet that attaches the entire hood and lid assembly to the grill head. Remove lid assembly.
  6. Once the lid and hood assembly are removed you can remove the infrared burner housing to gain direct access to the electrode. Loosen the two 7/16" nuts holding back burner in place, then remove infrared housing. This will allow a clear path to remove the #8x1/2 screw holding electrode in place.
  7. Pull electrode out through hole. If electrode lead does not come easily, check under grill head to make sure there are no other clamps supporting lead.
  8. Insert new electrode and attach with #8x1/2" screw. Be sure to align tip of electrode with hole in burner. Feed the electrode wire under the base and through the drip pan track (to the left of post) until it reaches the front of grill. Plug the end into the igniter terminal. Reinstall back burner housing and tighten nuts on burner.
  9. Before replacing the lid and hood assembly, test the electrode for positioning by lighting the rear burner. Adjustment is critical, take your time and be careful not to crack the ceramic sleeve on electrode.
  10. Replace lid and hood assembly.
  11. Replace back cover.


Replace Rear Burner Electrode


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