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Cleaning Pilot Orifice

Cleaning the pilot orifice on your Napoleon® Patio Heater doesn't have to be scary. Follow these simple steps to maintain your patio equipment for a long and productive life. A clean and well maintained patio heater will give you years of radiant heat, letting you live your outdoor lifestyle well into the cooler months. These instructions are for the PTH38 Cast Aluminum models only. Please read your manual for cleaning instructions for any other model of patio heater. Note: Before working on your Patio Heater please ensure that all gas supply is disconnected. Tools needed: Phillips screwdriver, 2 wrenches, Paper clip or long needle.
Step 1 Remove front cover over valve to access pilot assembly. Step 2 Remove deflector (perforated screen around burner)
Remove front cover Remove the deflector
Step 3 Remove screw and nut holding pilot assembly (located on the inside of the shield) Step 4 Gently pull pilot assembly out of housing being careful not to pinch or kink pilot supply tube.
Remove Screw Remove Pilot Assembly
Step 5 Loosen the nut at the base of the pilot where pilot supply attaches. Use two wrenches, one on the bracket and one on the nut (caution, pilot supply tube is very fragile) Step 6 Remove orifice.
Loosen the nut Remove the orifice
Step 7 Clean out all obstructions in the orifice and upthrough the pilot hood. Step 8 Replace Pilot assembly into housing and re-attach the screw and nut.
Clean Pilot Hood Replace Screw
Instructions are for PTH103 and PTH104 units only.


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