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How do I remove the burners on my grill?

How to remove the burners for the 308 and 450 model grills.

It is recommended that burner removal be performed by a qualified service person
  1. Disconnect the gas supply to the grill. Remove the warming rack, cooking grids and sear plates.
  2. Remove the ¼" hex head screws from the burner into the back wall of the grill base. (On 308 models, the screw is centered in the burner, on 450 models the two screws are located halfway between the center burner tube and the outer burner tubes.)
  3. Slide the burner shield up until it is clear of the burner and remove. Note: For re-installing, the screw can be started through the burner and into the back wall before fitting the slotted opening of the burner shield over the screw, behind the burner.
  4. Tip the back of the burners up while pulling the burners out f the openings in the front of the grill base.
  5. For reinstalling the burners, reverse this procedure ensuring that the carryover ports are located on the underside of the burner and that the burner tube fits over the end of the valve.
  6. Reassemble all remaining components.


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