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How do I clean my Porcelain Lid?

"How do I clean my Porcelain Lid?" is a question that is asked a lot. Cleaning your porcelain lid is easy and adds to the longevity of your grill. The following instructions will tell you the hows and whys of cleaning your porcelain lid. Porcelain enamel will wipe clean in seconds. It will not scorch, burn or discolour in a sustained high-heat environment (with the exception of red: under high heat red will turn a darker red but will come back to original colour once temperatures are back to normal.) Porcelain enamel colours are unaffected by rain, snow, dust, sunlight, heat, oxidizing agents or corrosive fumes. The coating will not peel, blister or delaminate from its metal substrate or underlying porcelain enamel coating. The enamel lid is easy to clean, usually only by using a mild detergent and very little scrubbing effort.


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