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How do I clean my burners?

The question of how do I clean my burners, has been asked by many customers. But first you need to know what our burners are made from.  The burner is made from a heavy wall 304 stainless steel. Due to extreme heat and the corrosive environment of a grill, surface corrosion does occur. To clean your burners use a brass wire brush to remove the surface corrosion. Clean any blocked ports with an opened paper clip. Do not enlarge the burner ports. Spiders and insects are attracted to the additive mercapton, (which gives propane and natural gas that rotten egg smell) and though the burners are equipped with insect screens this will not entirely eliminate the spiders or insects from making nests inside the burners or valve orifices. A nest or web will cause the burner to burn with a soft yellow or orange flame or worse a flashback: a fire at the air shutters underneath the control panel. If this occurs you must remove the burners for a thorough cleaning. Please see burner removal instructions for your grill. Once your burners are removed use a flexible venturi brush to snag out any web or nest from inside the burner. Shake any loose debris out of the burner, through the gas inlet. Remove the orifices at the end of the valves and clean any webs from them. Do not enlarge the orifices. Ensure that all burner ports are clear of any debris. Re-install the burner ensuring that the valve enters the venturi end and is securely in place.


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