How do I protect the infrared burners on my grill?

The infrared burners of your grill are designed to provide a long service life. However, there are steps you must take to prevent cracking of their ceramic surfaces, which will cause the burners to malfunction. Damage due to the following is not covered by your grill warranty:
  1. Impact with hard objects - Never allow hard objects to strike the ceramic.
  2. Water or other liquids - cold liquid contacting a hot surface in substantial amounts can cause the ceramic surface to break. Do not throw water into the grill to douse a flame. Also if the ceramic or interior of an infrared burner becomes wet while not in use, later operation of the burner can create steam, which may produce enough pressure to crack the ceramic.
  3. Impaired ventilation of hot air from the grill - In order for the burners to function properly, hot air must have a way to escape the grill. If the hot air is not allowed to escape, the burner will become deprived of oxygen causing them to back flash. Do not cover more than 75% of the cooking surface with solid metal (i.e. griddle or large pan).

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