How do I clean my infrared burner?

Due to the intense heat of the infrared burners, most dripping and food particles that fall onto the burner surface are immediately incinerated. However, some debris and residue may remain. 

To clean an infrared burner that is found inside your grill, under the hood, wait until your grill is completely cooled. Remove the cooking grids over the infrared burner and use a soft brush -like a paintbrush - to remove any debris. Replace the cooking grids and turn your infrared burner to high. Leave the infrared burner on high for 5 to 10 minutes with the lid closed. This will incinerate any remaining debris.  

To clean your Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ Side Burner, ensure that it has completely cooled before beginning. Lift the lid that covers the burner and inspect it for debris. If there is any, use a soft brush - like a paint brush - to remove any residue from the ceramic element. You can then clean out the bottom of your infrared burner, scooping out any debris that you have found. Check the grease tray under the side shelf for grease and debris. This needs to be done frequently as it is a more shallow tray than the main drip tray on the grill. Replace the cooking grid in the lowered position and turn the burner on to high. Leave the lid open and the burner on for 5 minutes to incinerate any remaining residue. To increase the longevity of your side burner, remember to keep the cover over the Infrared SIZZLE ZONE when it is not in use. 

NOTE: Use a very soft brush to clean any debris on your ceramic burner because it is very fragile. Anything more abrasive or harder can damage the delicate ceramic. 

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