How does infrared cooking work?

Charcoal is the original infrared cooking. The glowing briquettes emit infrared energy to the food being cooked, with very little drying effect. The Napoleon® infrared burner cooks in the same way. In each burner, 10,000 ports each with its own tiny flame cause the surface of the ceramic to glow red. This glow emits the same type of infrared heat to the food, without the hassle or mess of charcoal. It also provides a more consistent heated area that is far easier to regulate than a charcoal fire. For instantaneous searing the burners can be set to high, yet they can also be turned down for slower cooking. The bottom line is that Napoleon's infrared burners produce searing heat for juicier, tastier steaks, hamburgers and other meats. For cooking times and tips please refer to the infrared Grilling Chart in your manual.

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