What are the benefits of infrared cooking?

Efficiency of Infrared Grills

Did you know that infrared burners use less gas and cooking time? With Napoleon's® infrared technology we are trying to help the consumer be more energy efficient. Infrared cooking allows you to cut back on the amount of gas (natural or propane) and the amount of time that it takes when cooking. This in turn will help barbecue lovers be more environmentally friendly!

Benefits of Infrared Grills

  1. Faster Searing - Napoleon's® infrared burners give you ultra hot searing power unmatched by traditional tube burners. This allows you to quickly lock in all those amazing tasting natural juices.
  2. Shorter Pre-Heating Times - The intense heat from these burners helps pre-heat the entire grill at an accelerated rate. If you are cooking over the infrared grill you can start immediately! No pre-heating required!
  3. Better Fuel Efficiency - Infrared burners are more fuel efficient than tube burners. The efficiency is based on how the energy gets to the food. With a normal tube burner the air around the burner is being heated by the flame, and rises up to warm the food. With an Infrared Burner the infrared energy (rays) penetrates the food directly (like sunshine warms your skin).
  4. Faster Cooking Times - With the intense heat, cooking times are dramatically reduced up to 4X faster. This saves you a tremendous amount of time.
  5. Saves Money - All of these above benefits save you money by saving energy.

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