How do I light charcoal?

There are a couple of ways to safely light your charcoal barbecue.
  • Use a chimney starter, light newspaper that has been scrunched into a ring and placed in the bottom of the starter. Then after 5 to 15 minutes pour the lit coals into your grill.
  • In the bottom of your grill, make a pyramid of charcoal around some scrunched up newsprint. Light the newsprint with a long-stick match or barbecue lighter.
When the charcoal that you are using has turned to a lovely ash-grey in the daylight or are glowing red at night, they are ready to cook over. TIP: It is not safe to spray accelerant of any kind, (lighter fluid, gasoline or kerosine included) on charcoal before or after lighting it. Chemicals in the accelerant can be hazardous to your health or can change the flavour of the food you are cooking. If your coals have already been lit, spraying with accelerant can cause dangerous flare-ups or fires.

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