What is a "Charcoal Tray Insert" and how do I use it?

Enjoy charcoal flavour from your gas grill. Napoleon's® optional charcoal tray is designed to let you add the fun and flavour of charcoal anytime on your gas grill. Simply replace a sear plate with the charcoal tray, add charcoal and light with your gas burner. Still want the convenience of gas, but long for that charcoal flavour? No problem! Napoleon's charcoal tray lights easily with your gas burner. Before you begin to use your charcoal tray you will need to determine how much charcoal you are going to need to complete the meal. Approximately one layer for burgers or steaks and two layers for roasts or chicken. Pour enough charcoal into the tray to make the layers needed. Stack charcoal into a cone shape. Remove one sear plate, light the gas burner directly under the charcoal tray and burn on high until the charcoal is glowing red and then turn off the gas burner. Let coals burn until all coals are white on the surface. With a long handle instrument, spread the coals evenly across the coal grate. Close lid, wait 5 minutes and start cooking. TIP: Never add lighter fluid to burning coals. Even if there is no flame, the heat will vapourize the lighter fluid and can cause a dangerous flare-up the second the vapour encounters a flame.