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The Steaks Are Getting Higher PT2

How To Test Your Steak With Your Fingers

The Steaks Are Getting Higher PT2
The finger test, or hand touch method of testing if your steak is done, allows the cook to get the feel of the meat instead of having to stab it with a thermometer or fork, or cut the steak with a knife. Always use caution when you are doing this as you could get burned, you know open flames and all.Start by shaking one of your hands loose so that its relaxed. If you touch the fleshy muscle at the base of your thumb you will find it to be the texture of a blue-rare steak. Make the “OK” sign by touching the your forefinger and thumb together and that is the texture of a medium-rare steak. As you progress through your fingers, touching each to the tip of your thumb, you will see how the feeling of that muscle changes, and produces a texture similar to the done-ness of your steak.Below is a chart depicting all the motions and the corresponding and approximate done-ness of your steak.

 Blue - Rare Medium Rare  Medium Medium Rare
 Medium - Well  Charcoal... I mean well done    

Tips and Notes

  • A thick steak will make for a happy customer, 1¼–inch thick with no more than ½–of fat cap along the side
  • NEVER EVER pierce your steak, all the juices will run out of it, leaving you with a dry lump of cow
  • A clean grill makes a happy steak
  • Let sleeping steaks lie, once down, leave the steak until it is time to turn it.
  • Always let the steak rest before serving, it gets sleepy after all that hard work of cooking, this allows juices to re-settle and makes every bite a good one
  • Cooking times are subjective steaks don’t cook to the letter.

Happy Grilling!

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