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Posted in: Appetizers
Prep Time:
30 Minutes
6 to 8
Grill time:
15 Minutes

Planked Chilli Nachos

With Sausage And Sour Cream

Posted on by Andrea Alden
Planked Chilli Nachos
Serves 6 to 8
Prep Time:
Grill time: 15 Minutes
I'm sick of the deep freeze. We're still here living in negative 25 to 45° weather, waiting patiently for the sun to come out and melt the snow. It's gotten to the point where it's a warm day if it's only -10°C (14°F)! So I needed a siesta from the wretched cold. I decided to have a little fiesta instead. We made Planked Chilli Nachos With Sausage And Sour Cream, some crunchy tortilla chips topped with mountains of cheese, fresh peppers, grilled spicy sausage, loads of my Ghost Pepper Chilli, and topped off with a crown of sour cream. I also served it with some fresh Thai Chili Guacamole, Super Creamy Garlic Queso Dip, annnd a fantastic grilled blood orange drink that I called Pink Happiness

Planked Chilli Nachos

Serves: 6 to 8       Total Time: 45 Minutes


  • 4 to 6 cedar planks, soaked for 30 minutes 
  • 2 bags of tortilla chips
  • 1 each of red, green, and orange peppers, diced
  • 3 jalapeño peppers, diced
  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • 1 cup of sour cream (or plain greek yogurt)
  • 2 cups of Ghost Pepper Chilli
  • 4 cups of shredded cheese, your favorite kind


Step 1
Preheat your grill to 500°F and prepare for indirect grilling.
Step 2
Heat your chilli while you dice all the veggies. Boil the sausages for about 10 minutes, then transfer them to the grill to get some of that nice grilled flavor.
Step 3
When the sausages are done, remove them from the grill and remove the casings. Crumble the sausage for nacho assembly. (Or if you're lazy you can totally slice them into small portions instead).
Step 4
Assemble a layer of tortilla chips on each plank, then top the chips with a handful of peppers, onions and crumbled sausage. Add a couple dollops of sour cream and chilli, and then genrously sprinkle with cheese.
Step 5
Plank bake the nachos for about 5 minutes or until the cheese melts. Make another layer the same way, but don't add the sour cream yet. Plank bake again.
Step 6
When the cheese on top is bubbly and melted, remove the planked nachos from the grill and serve with a dollop of cool sour cream.
Planked Chilli Nachos With Sausage And Sour Cream is a fantastic snack for parties, a great treat-dinner for any day of the week, and a spectacular way to beat some of those winter blah's with some colorful and flavorful food. I served this on a Sunday night with some Pink Happiness, and I tells ya, we were pretty happy! Get a good game going, board, or sports, and serve this. I promise a good time. 

Happy Grilling!

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