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Prep Time:
5 Minutes
Grill time:
1 hr/lb.

How to Cook a Haggis

on the Grill

Posted on by Andrea Alden
How to Cook a Haggis
Serves 4+
Prep Time:
Grill time: 1 hr/lb.
No Robert Burns Supper is complete without a perfectly cooked Haggis. Having never done so, I had to learn How to Cook a Haggis on the Grill, and from my experience, you can easily cook your own Haggis on the grill too. 
Roast using indirect heat
Roast using indirect heat
Serve in a kilt
Serve in a kilt
A perfect Scottish Dinner
A perfect Scottish Dinner

How to Cook a Haggis

Serves: 4+       Total Time: 65 Minutes


  • 1 Haggis
  • 1 roasting pan with rack
  • 2 cups of water


Step 1
Preheat your grill to between 350°F and 400°F prepare for using the indirect cooking method.
Step 2
Place your thawed Haggis on a rack, fill the roasting pan with water, then place the Haggis and rack in the pan, making sure that the Haggis isn’t touching the water.
Step 3
Place everything onto the grill and cook using indirect heat for 1 hour per pound of Haggis. You are aiming for a dark and crispy skin. The oatmeal will expand as it warms and absorbs the juices. Haggis grows as you cook it, as opposed to most meats, that will shrink as they’re cooked.
Step 4
Serve the Haggis hot, with a delicious beef dinner. Use a serrated blade to slice the Haggis down the center of the casing, and serve with a spoon.

Cooking a Haggis on the grill was surprisingly easy. No poaching, wrapping, or fiddling about. Like good stuffing, there were some crispy bits, and the inside was moist and succulent. Now that you know How to Cook a Haggis on the Grill, will you make one for the next Robert Burns Dinner? 

Happy Grilling!

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