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Margarita Ice Cream

Margarita Ice Cream

Adults Only Dessert

Posted on May 02, 2017

Try something fun and fresh to share with your friends and family for dessert. This Margarita Ice Cream is fantastic, not too sweet, and even gluten-free! This recipe tastes just like a Margarita! The lime flavor isn’t as crazy-sour as you think it would be, and the tequila doesn’t overpower. This recipe is easy to make and doesn’t require churning. Serve it off of the Napoleon Himalayan Salt Platter Set for a really authentic Margarita taste. It adds that counterpoint to the sweetness and creates the perfect Margarita flavor. Ad a little extra love to the limes by grilling them over direct heat on the Rogue® Gas Grill. For even more oomph, smoke the cream using indirect heat. 

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