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BBQ Swineapple Recipe

BBQ Swineapple Recipe

How to make a Swineapple

Posted on September 18, 2017

I have been meaning to make this BBQ Swineapple Recipe for some time. I just love the play on words that is the name. I mean, who doesn’t love saying Swineapple? Sweet, acidic, and porky. This BBQ Recipe has it all in spades. Served with some fried rice, you have a meal that was as filling as it is tasty. 

Now I ended up doing this recipe twice. I had the brilliant idea that you could use the rotisserie to cook this, getting a beautiful and crispy bacon crust on every side! It didn’t go so well. Due to the acid content from the pineapple, the bacon disintegrated, even though I used a thicker cut. Remember that your bacon will break down faster if you use regular bacon. In the end, I ended up roasting the BBQ Swineapple on a rack over a drip pan. It was still delicious, however, the bottom wasn’t glazed and crispy, as I had hoped.

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