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Lamb & Beef BBQ Gyros

Lamb & Beef BBQ Gyros

a little taste of Greece

Posted on August 29, 2017

Lamb & Beef BBQ Gyros is a recipe that I have been itching to try for a while. I’ve seen the gigantic spinning cones of meat at Greek food stands, tasted the succulent meat sliced from the still spinning spit, served with feta and fresh tzatziki on a pillowy steamed pita. I wanted desperately to recreate this on my grill. Flavor wise, this recipe is a huge success. Unfortunately, the meat did not want to stay on the spit, and I wound up roasting it instead. Don’t let that deter you. When you taste that first morsel, you’ll be very pleased. 

*PRO TIP – save the drippings from your gyro meat for making gravy later. It’s full bodied and will give gravy a depth of flavor that bacon or butter won’t provide. 

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