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The Perfect Sous Vide Rump Roast

The Perfect Sous Vide Rump Roast

with Scotch Gravy

Posted on January 24, 2017
After visiting Scotland, I knew it was time to celebrate Robert Burns Day as only I could, by grilling up something delicious. This Sous Vide Rump Roast with Scotch Gravy paired perfectly with my Grilled Haggis and brought the whole meal together. Using my Joule, by ChefSteps I was able to cook a rump roast to the perfect temperature, then finished it on a hot grill for some pretty succulent beef. Rump Roast is usually reserved for slow cooking due to its tough nature. That’s why using the Joule to cook this meal was ideal. The gravy I made using the juices from the cooked beef, with the addition of a healthy splash of Scotch made for one very delicious Robert Burns Supper. Don’t forget the Neeps and Tatties. 

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