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BBQ Peking Duck

BBQ Peking Duck

With Homemade Spring Pancakes

Posted on January 17, 2018

BBQ Peking Duck is popular Asian inspired recipe, found in many restaurants. Often romanticized – you just can’t get authentic Peking Duck, unless you go here – you can now make it at home. This recipe is a little labor intensive and requires some patience when going to make it, but the wait will pay off when you bite into that crisp skin and succulent meat. Serve your BBQ Peking Duck with hoisin sauce, sliced cucumber, and green onion, on fresh spring pancakes.

The secret to a perfect Peking Duck is to allow the skin to dry. Much like our recipe for Grilled Pork Belly, airflow and time are integral to the process. Another trick is to separate the skin from the meat. To do this, most professionals use an air compressor to literally inflate the duck. Now, unless you’re a DIY-er or something, you likely won’t have one of those on hand, however, I used a cheap air pump that I found at the dollar store for inflating soccer balls. Just make sure to wash it before and after.

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