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Fully Loaded, Crispy, Potato Salad

Fully Loaded, Crispy, Potato Salad

Potato salad with crunch

Posted on August 05, 2016

You know, some of my best recipes come from somehow messing up. Getting the wrong ingredient, not having all of the ingredients, or some other such mishap. That’s how Fully Loaded, Crispy, Potato Salad came about. I realized that I only had baking potatoes when my husband had a hankering for potato salad one evening. I figured everything would be alright, so I proceeded as normal. I peeled, sliced, and boiled, but I wound up overcooking the potatoes. To save things, I decided to make them crispy potatoes. After that decision, I wound up undercooking the eggs too! This was fine with me, but definitely not in accordance with the way you make potato salad. As I see these ingredients coming together I decided to roll with it. What’s better with eggs than bacon? I was also using baking potatoes, so under all that crunchy outside was a light and fluffy inside, another perfect place to put bacon. When all was said and done, it was like eating forkfuls of baked potato and breakfast wrapped into one, delicious, summery, side dish. It was amazing.

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