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BBQ Glazed Ham

BBQ Glazed Ham

with Smoked Honey and Dijon

Posted on October 03, 2017

BBQ Glazed Ham with Smoked Honey and Dijon was originally made as an easy Easter Dinner in 2015, however, I chose to break with tradition and make this for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Little prep time for this meal means that it’s easy to get going while you work on more labor-intensive dishes, or enjoy time with your family. This time, I tried using the rotisserie instead of placing the ham onto a baking sheet. The end result was a ham that was shiny and flavorful on every side. Caramelized crispy bits mingled nicely with a sticky outside and the salty ham inside. Smoked honey adds a new dimension of flavor that is very subtle, lending itself immediately to the flavor of the ham.


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