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Bison Burgers Stuffed

Bison Burgers Stuffed

With Goat Cheese And Mushrooms

Posted on June 18, 2015
I love cooking for special occasions, my family loves it too. So last family get together I made Bison Burgers Stuffed With Goat Cheese And Mushrooms. These rich burgers combined the leanest meat with the most decadent flavors of fried mushrooms and creamy, unripened goat cheese. Grandmother is insisting that I open a restaurant and serve all of the delicious things that I share with you on the blog. No. I like where I am at. I like making things and keeping a regular schedule of 9 to 5-ish. I love making delicious grilled food and learning about all things barbecue with everyone. Where was I going? Oh well.

Bison Burgers! They're so good and decadent and rich. The Napoleon Burger Press is super helpful in making these, all burgers are identically formed with the perfect divot for the cheese and mushrooms to nestle in. The burger press also takes forming time down quite a bit, and you're not handling the meat as much either. 
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