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Tasty Taco Pizza

Tasty Taco Pizza

On the Napoleon Pizza Stone

Posted on April 26, 2016

Tasty Taco Pizza is so delicious. Like "how did I never think of doing this before," delicious. Or "I am making this again tomorrow night for dinner" kind of delicious. 

Need I go on?

So I was toodling around the internet and was reading an article somewhere when one of those sidebar video ads starts blaring. It’s a cooking segment and they’re talking about Garth Brooks and taco pizza. I think they said that he invented it. Anyway, it was just a light bulb moment. I saw what the end product looked like and knew I just had to make something that amazing right away. As an added bonus, it’s Cinco De Mayo soon, and you can celebrate with some Mexican-inspired Tasty Taco Pizza too! 
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