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Steak On Hot Coals

Steak On Hot Coals

The Ultimate Direct Grilling

Posted on August 01, 2014

I was discussing a notion with someone about grilling the best steak. They (actually our blog author) had heard about someone grilling directly IN the charcoal. Now, we've had a few steaks in the recipe section of this website. But I have never done anything so... well I don't actually have the words for it. So I set about doing research and decided to do a recipe alongside our author for how do grill steaks directly in the coals. They (professionals) call it Clinching, it's down and dirty, super caveman style, out of the box grilling. Read the blog article about Clinching here

This is an experience that I will be repeating. I took a meh cut of meat and turned it into a masterpiece. I will definitely be doing my steaks this way when I can. Aside from actually lighting the charcoal, it took less time to grill than the perfect steak! That's right. Steak perfection faster than grilling a perfect steak on gas. Sounds too good to be true right? Well keep reading. 

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