SKYFire Bellagio™ Patio Torch



  • 31,000 BTU's
  • 4 Foot Flame
  • SAFE GUARD™ Screen
  • 360° View of Flame

SKYFire Bellagio™ Patio Torch

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Product features

Napoleon Bellagio™ Patio Torch Heater
Side Shelf and Bar Table (Optional)
Heavy Duty Cover (Optional)

Product Description

The Bellagio™ – PTH31GTSS Patio Torch is a 360 degree art form that can be enjoyed 365 days of the year. The Bellagio™ provides cozy mood lighting from an attractive single, luminous four foot flame. The uniquely designed patio torch meets the demands of today’s modern lifestyle and is a perfect accent for pools, decks and outdoor rooms.

Technical Specification


Fuel Type
Total BTU's
Total Cooking Area (Square Inches)
Burger Capacity (4 Inch Diameter)

Assembly Dimensions

Height (Inches)
Width (Inches)
Depth (Inches)
Weight (Kgs / Lbs)

Box Dimensions

Height (Inches)
Width (Inches)
Depth (Inches)
Weight (Kgs / Lbs)

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