Prestige PRO™ 825 with Side Burner and Infrared Rear & Bottom Burners



  • 123,000 BTU's
  • 10 Burners
  • 1245 in² Total Cooking Area
  • Stainless Steel WAVE™ Cooking Grids

Prestige PRO™ 825 with Side Burner and Infrared Rear & Bottom Burners

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Product features

Prestige PRO Series Video
Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ Bottom Burners
LIFT EASE™ Roll Top Lid
Integrated Wood Chip Smoker Tray
Dual-Level Stainless Steel Sear Plates
Two-Stage Power Burner with reversible cast iron grid
NIGHT LIGHT™ Control Knobs
Rear Infrared Burner
Interior Lights

Product Description

The Prestige PRO Series PRO825RSBI-1 Dual Headed Grill With Rear, Bottom Infrared Burners is a mouthful to say, but completely worth it. This grill has everything you need and more. It is ultimate grilling machine, with all the standard features that you have come to know and love from Napoleon. Standard is great, but we at Napoleon asked “How can we make a grill better?” The answer is the PRO825RSBI-1. All stainless steel construction with chrome accents means that the PRO825RSBI-1 is not only big but it’s beautiful too. 


This shining gem features a modern pedestal that has tones of storage, and soft close doors and drawers. The two generous side shelves offer added prep surface, but also give you an integrated ice bucket, beverage, sauce, tool, and towel holders. On the other side shelf, the new two-stage power burner has a circular center featuring an infrared burner and an outer flame burner.  The PRO825RSBI-1 also features interior lights for nighttime grilling, and improved NIGHT LIGHT™ backlit control knobs. 

Prime rib will never be the same again. Imagine grilling the perfect prime rib on your rotisserie, while you bake a cake under the other lid. With the PRO825RSBI-1 you can. Oven like performance allows you to bake, breads, cakes, cookies, and even the perfect pizza. Roast with ultimate temperature control. Sear incredible steaks over high heat on the SIZZLE ZONE™ bottom burners, and grill for your whole neighborhood, you can fit up to 50 hamburgers in total on this gigantic grill. The innovative integrated wood chip smoker tray with dedicated gas tube burner means that you can also turn your PRO825RSBI-1 into a smoker too. Other features that make the PRO825RSBI-1 the grill to end all grills? A sliding propane tank storage tray for easy changing of the tank. 

While you’re grilling enough hamburgers to feed the whole neighborhood, why don’t you play some great music too. With the convenient built-in power bar, you can do just that. Plug in and power the lights, a rotisserie, and even your sound system from your grill, while you cook. Just another way that Napoleon’s Prestige PRO Series PRO825RSBI-1 is the biggest and best grill there is. Bigger and better than all the rest, the PRO Series PRO825RSBI-1 Dual Head Gas Grill With Bottom, Rear, And Side Burners is what happens when the best ask what they can do better. The all stainless steel construction with chrome accents makes this beast a beauty. The PRO825RSBI-1 has everything and then some, from the twin heads that allow you to grill up to 50 hamburgers at once over it’s massive 1395 in-square total grilling surface, to the interior lights for nighttime grilling. You can bake, sear, roast, and rotiss with this grill. Or turn it into a smoker with the integrated wood chip smoker tray and dedicated burner. The new power side burner features a new circular infrared burner and outer flame burner. The modern pedestal cabinet has copious storage with soft close cabinet doors and drawers. There is even a built-in power bar to power the lights, rotisserie and anything else you need. 

What’s In The Box: Save time and grill more. Your PRO825RSBI-1 With Bottom, Rear, And Side Infrared Burner come preassembled and fully tested in the box, with only the side shelves to add after you open it. It is all stainless steel with chrome accents and comes with the 9.5mm stainless steel WAVE™ cooking grids, reinforced warming rack, and even a commercial quality rotisserie kit with four forks, motor, and spit. All the hardware, manuals and even our exclusive Napoleon Sizzling Gourmet Cookbook.  


Technical Specification


President's Limited Lifetime
Fuel Type
Natural Gas & Propane
Total BTU's
Total Cooking Area (Square Inches)
Burger Capacity (4-Inch Diameter)
Stainless Steel

Grilling Systems

Infrared Cooking Options
Total BTU's
Cooking Grids
Stainless Steel WAVE™ Cooking Grids
Sear Plates
Stainless Steel
Ignition Systems
Bottom Burners (BTU’s)
Rear Burner (BTU’s)
Side Burner (BTU’s)
Rotisserie Kit
Heavy Duty - 4 Forks
Control Knobs
Temperature Gauge
Removable Drip Pan
Warming Rack
Ice Bucket Cutting Board
Prestige All Season Cookbook

Grilling Area

Primary Grids (Square Inches)
Side Burner (Square Inches)
Warming Rack (Square Inches)
Total Cooking Area (Square Inches)
Burger Capacity (4_Inch Diameter)


LIFT EASE™ Roll Top lid
Cooking Box
High Grade 304 Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel / 4 Door
Side Shelves
Stainless Steel
EASY ROLL™ Locking Casters
Condiment Rack
Accesories Hooks
Propane Tank Holder

Assembled Dimensions

Height (Inches)
Width (Inches)
Depth (Inches)
Weight (Kgs / Lbs)

Box Dimensions

Height (Inches)
Width (Inches)
Depth (Inches)
Weight (Kgs / Lbs)

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