Napoleon isn’t like most manufacturers. We could release a newer model of our best grills every year, add more chrome, but that would defeat the purpose. Napoleon takes building quality grills seriously. We put our heart and soul into each product. Every year we review them all and ask ourselves how do we make them better? For the new Prestige 500 Series Gas Grills, we started by finding a way to reduce assembly time by 30%, and things only improved from there.

This year marked the introduction of the new Napoleon Prestige Series 500 Gas Grills with features only seen before on our PRO Series grills. Napoleon’s new Prestige 500 Series with Infrared Rear and Side Burners are now available in Midnight Black – lid and doors, you can also select a Charcoal Grey or Cobalt Blue lid with stainless steel doors. The Prestige 500, and Prestige 500 with Rear Burner are also available in the Midnight Black option. These new colors allow you to make your grill a seamless addition to your outdoor living space, not just a shiny appliance. We have also added a new control panel featuring large, ergonomic knobs. These knobs have an easy to grip, Soft Touch surface making them easier to turn and ignite the grill using our classic JETFIRE™ ignition system.

Prestige 500 Black
Prestige 500 Cobalt Blue
Prestige 500 Charcoal Grey

When you look at the cart you will note that the doors boast new reinforced handles that double as towel bars and allow you access to interior storage. Tool hooks and the new propane tank stabilizer ring for propane models wait behind those doors. The new upgraded Prestige 500 Series Gas Grills help to keep things tidy, featuring folding side shelves, with locking screws (on the RSIB model only the right side folds down). This allows you to place your grill in tighter quarters, meaning you can have a full sized grill where most wouldn’t fit. Both side shelves also feature integrated towel holders, condiment trays and tool hooks. Maintaining a pristine grill has never been easier. The new front-loading drip tray provides easy access for fast cleaning, so you can get grilling again in no time. All of this, plus the tried and true grilling features make the Napoleon Prestige 500 Series Gas Grills one of the best grills on the market.

A image of the Napoleon Prestige 500 soft to touch ergonomic control knobs
Soft touch ergonomic control knobs
A image of the new Napoleon Prestige 500 stainless seel folding side shelves
Stainless steel folding side shelves
A image of the Napolon Prestige 500 drip tray
Front loading drip tray for easy access