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Six Must Grill Foods For Fall

Six Must Grill Foods For Fall

Autumn is a time of cool evenings, colorful trees, and comfort food. There is nothing better than sitting down to a hot meal cooked on your barbecue and we’ve got a selection of our coziest and most delicious grilled delicacies in this article about the six must grill foods this fall.

1. Soups and Stews

There is nothing more comforting than a steaming bowl of soup or stew after a hard day’s work, raking leaves, or carving pumpkins. Soup or stew made on the barbecue is not something you would normally think as possible, but it is. Adding your `Que to the equation not only makes cleanup a breeze, but adds a delicious smoky flavor you don’t normally taste otherwise. That’s why soups and stews are number one on our things to cook on the BBQ this fall.


2. Slow Roasted Meats

As explained in our Tender Meats blog, slowly roasting meat can produce something savory and succulent, perfectly comforting on a chilly night. Autumn is the best time to enjoy them. Plus, there are bound to be leftovers! LEFTOVERS!!!

3. Savory Side Dishes

If you’re serving a slowly roasted dinner to warm you after a fun-filled fall day, you will want a savory and equally as comforting side dish (or two) to go with it. If you’re wondering what to grill to pair with your favorite meals, look no further. These will soon become household favorites.


4. Comfort Food Classics

There’s just something about fall food fresh off the grill. Sometimes my favorite food is something that feels like a warm hug. If you find yourself wondering “what should I grill this fall”, we’ve got loads of comfort food classics that will make it into your weekly rotation. Naturally, Mac & Cheese are at the top of this list, but it was hard to choose between all of the other comforting dishes we’ve made over the years.

5. Everyone Deserves Dessert

After every delicious dinner, you need an equally exceptional dessert! The scent of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg are the fragrance of fall and should permeate your home on a near constant basis. We can help you with that. From pumpkin spice everything; to something a little more savory, these grilled desserts are ideal for baking on the BBQ this fall. If you have a sweet tooth, you may want to scroll through all of our grilled dessert recipes.


6. Everything Else

Some recipes just defy classification, but they’re still delicious fall dining. They evoke thoughts of cozy fireside moments, and meals shared with family. These final recipes are perfect for autumn eating.

From savory soups to sides, slow roasted meats and your favorite comforting classics, there isn’t much that wasn’t covered in this article on the six top foods you should be barbecuing this autumn. Did we miss anything? What are you grilling this fall? Tell us on social through Facebook or our Instagram account using the hashtag #FallBBQFood.

Happy Grilling!