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How to host the perfect Canada Day Party

Can things get any more Canadian?

How to host the perfect Canada Day Party

It all started with a grill. Boy, she was beautiful. Gleaming black and stainless steel with chrome details, and HOT! I told my husband about her, he just rolled his eyes, “You can’t bring home every pretty Canadian grill you meet, you know.” Well, I brought her home to meet the family anyway. My husband instantly knew this grill’s type. She wasn’t just a pretty grill; she was a party grill. Canada Day is coming up and it’s the perfect way to show off what she can do. With our help, you too can host the perfect Canada Day Party.

1. A New ‘Que - Meet our new Party Grill

Like I said. It all starts with a grill. If you have a great grill already, we won’t judge you for sticking with it. However, if you’re looking for an upgrade that also shows off your Canadian pride, consider the new Napoleon Canada 150 Special Edition PRO 500 Gas Grill, only available for a limited time. This beautiful party grill is wearing sleek black porcelain enamel with a little chrome to accessorize. Boasting all of the burners you could ever need, 4 stainless steel main tube burners, a rear and a side infrared burner, the PRO 500 Canada 150 Special Edition Grill isn’t the grill next door. Exuding Canadian pride, this party grill has the Canada 150 logo emblazoned for all to see. Let’s not forget the NIGHTLIGHT™ control knobs with SafetyGlow technology. She will light up the night when you grill, changing from blue to red when the gas is on. This may be a party grill, but she always keeps things safe.

2. (Canadian) Food

So you brought home that hot new grill, now what? You need a Canada Day Menu. Something that will not only show off your incredible barbecue mastery but something that people will be talking about for ages. This party will go down in the annals of history as the greatest Canada Day Party ever! Many of the best party planners and chefs suggest giving your party grill her own area. She should be the first point of contact. Handing your guests a freshly grilled appetizer as they walk in will make a lasting impression. Mini Foil Packet Poutines or Canadian Burger Sliders are ideal for this.


Try this menu chock full of pure Canadiana.

For drinks, you can’t go wrong with a build-your-own Caesar Bar, craft Canadian beer on ice, or a homemade punch. Are we missing anything on this Canadian themed menu?

3. Music, Games, and Entertainment

Setting the mood for your perfect Canada Day Party isn’t as simple as having Canadian themed food and drink. Canadian music and fun games will go a long way to ensuring the best party ever.


Make sure you have a playlist of great Canadian bands that includes classics from artists like The Tragically Hip, The Carpet Frogs, Rush, Glass Tiger, and The Northern Pikes. Songs from these artists will make the perfect soundtrack for your party.


There’s nothing worse than a party without something to do. Try playing easy games like Washer Toss – a miniature-ish version of horseshoes, or Giant Yardzee with large wooden dice. Ladder Ball is popular and easy to DIY, and so is Kubb (koob) where you knock down wooden pegs in a strategic team game.


It’s fun and fantastic to have fireworks to finish off the night. We’re not talking about your new Canada 150 Special Edition PRO 500 Party Grill, who has some pretty fantastic fireworks of her own. Plus that party grill would look pretty fantastic silhouetted in bright and beautiful fireworks. Make sure to check with your local safety codes, and use the utmost caution if you are going to light up the night. Also, if you didn’t invite them, which is very un-Canadian of you, let your neighbors know you are going to have some fireworks too.

4. Décor

Obviously, whatever you do, you’re going to use red and white to decorate. Consider using plaid or flannel as your table runners, and to indicate various areas in your yard. Set up stations where people can gather. These places should have seating, pillows, and places to set their drinks; conversation zones, game zones, and most importantly the grill zone. Yes, everyone will want to flock around the prettiest grill at the party, but you don’t want to create congestion when your goal is to have fun. Additionally, you can add a touch of class, by using real utensils, and sturdy outdoor tableware made of plastic. Have a bin near the house where people can deposit them when used.

5. Organize

Create a flow. Have your new party grill greet the guests and start things off by stunning them. Lead your guests in with flavor and scent, and send them on their way to explore the other zones of your perfect Canada Day Party. Each station should have some Canadian nibbles of different types. One area could have ketchup or poutine-flavored chips, while another could have a gigantic bowl of Smarties, and another still could have Nanaimo bars. Don’t forget to stock up on extra bug spray and sunblock for guests too.

Now you’re ready to plan the best Canada Day Party ever! From the perfect grill to the menu, to entertainment and décor, you can’t go wrong with these tips for hosting the perfect party. How will you be celebrating Canada Day?

Happy Grilling.