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Planning your outdoor kitchen – part 2 – Achieving your wish list

Planning your outdoor kitchen – part 2 – Achieving your wish list

By now you’re well on your way to planning your outdoor kitchen. You know what you will use the space for, where you are going to place it in your yard, what shape you are looking for, and have an idea on the materials. Most importantly you have a wish list of what will go in your perfect outdoor kitchen.

Pick the perfect grill – get everything on your wish list with one grill

One of the most important parts of an outdoor kitchen is the grill. The ideal Built-In Grill is easy to choose, you just need to know your personal grilling style.

The Chef – Create culinary masterpieces, cook for a crowd and then some

The Socializer – Grill for many, more counter space for socialization

Our Built-In Grills do it all, just like a cart model; rotisserie, bake, and sear. Instead of expensive extras that take up precious prep space, use a Napoleon to smoke by using our Charcoal Tray insert, or a Smoker Pipe accessory. Pizza ovens are large; taking up your counter top, turn your Built-In Grill into a pizza oven by using a Pizza Stone to make incredible homemade pizzas instead.

Add extra grilling space – Side burners are great!

Add a built in side burner with Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ or range side burner for additional cooking area. These are handy for making sauces, sides, and searing.

What to know about placing your Built-In Grill:

  • When you install any Built-In Grill or drop in burner, the gas supply needs to be hard piped by a professional.
  • The gas source, propane or natural, cannot be installed directly under any ignition source like grill or add on burner.

Chilling out

In addition to the hot stuff, like Built-In Grills and burners, we have a fully integrated stainless steel fridge. Keep food and drinks cold while you amuse your guests. Never be trapped in the limbo of running back and forth from inside to outside because everything you could need is right at hand.

What to know about outdoor refrigerators:

  • To make sure that your fridge runs at optimum performance, place it at the end of your outdoor kitchen, as far from heat sources as possible. This ensures proper ventilation and longevity.
  • Electronic panels are sensitive to heat and should be installed away from heat as well.

When building the perfect outdoor kitchen, keep in mind that all materials should be non-combustible. That includes the frame, cabinets, and countertop. The best part of constructing an outdoor kitchen with materials you supply, is complete customization of where you wish to place things. Following the thoughts outlined above, it will be easy to ensure that you get everything on your wish list when it comes to the perfect outdoor kitchen. What will you include in your perfect outdoor kitchen?

Happy Grilling.