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Get Mom Something Out Of The Ordinary
| Mother’s Day Gift Guide from Napoleon

Get Mom Something Out Of The Ordinary<br/>| Mother’s Day Gift Guide from Napoleon

A Mother is so much more than a Mom. She’s a warrior, a chef, a nurse, a warden, and so much more. Even though the grill may not seem like a Mother’s domain, and even though receiving gifts for the grill may seem like a not-so-great idea, hear me out. Moms are awesome. Barbecue is awesome. Our barbecues are awesome. Things are already meshing here if you ask me. Not convinced? Okay. That’s fine. Check out these reasons why you should get grilling gifts for Mom.

Why You Should Get Grilling Gifts For Mom

  • 1. A new grill would be great, but high-quality grilling accessories also make a fantastic gift for any Mom who loves to cook.
  • 2. Our accessories are multifunctional. They’re not just for the grill. Mom will love using many of our high-quality tools while cooking in the kitchen too.
  • 3. Grilling accessories aren’t just great if Mom is a backyard chef; they’re great if she isn’t too. Include a coupon for her to do something just for her – Read with a glass of wine, take a bubble bath, or otherwise chill out uninterrupted – while someone else uses those great accessories to grill up a delicious meal for her.

Top Eight Grill Accessory Gifts For Mom

We’ve established that some Moms aren’t into the frou-frou. For the Mom that’s a foodie, loves to grill, or just generally doesn’t like spas and pink handbags, Napoleon Grill Accessories make great, out of the ordinary Mother’s Day gifts. These are the top Eight grill accessory gifts for Mom

There is nothing better to have in your kitchen tools arsenal than a sharp knife. I giggled the first time I used this knife to slice through something. It’s the sharpest knife I have ever used, sliding through everything I cut. Your mom will never want to use another knife again. The PRO Executive Chef Knife holds its edge; I’ve had mine for almost a year and it’s still razor sharp.

An excellent knife needs a great cutting board to go with it. It’s stable and comes with two convenient, little, stainless steel bowls, making prep for meals with this cutting board easy as pie.

This multi-purpose wok is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. I have one and love it. I use it two or three times a week, on and off the grill. The big handle makes it easy to flip a stir-fry or a noodle dish, and the secondary handle makes it easy to move those saucy creations from the grill or kitchen to the table.

Eating healthier is a decision that many Moms need to make for the family. Cooking everyone’s favorite grilled food is easier and healthier with this Healhty Choice Starter Kit. It has everything needed for loads of different meals. The flexible grill basket is great for a whole fish, or making grilled sandwiches. Custom kebabs are super easy on the reusable skewers, and the multifunctional topper has a side perfect for searing, and one for grilling veggies.

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Another multi-purpose accessory, this kit is ideal for making homemade pizza. The pizza stone can also be used for making homemade bread, cookies, biscuits, and anything else that would benefit from having a crisp crust and a soft and moist interior. If pizza is Mom’s life, or she loves baking, then a Pizza Lovers Starter Kit is the perfect gift.

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As a confessed meat-a-tarian, anything that makes grilling or cooking up the perfect meaty meal is the absolute best in my books. Ribs and roasts, copious kebabs, and beer can chicken galore, this kit has it all! Use this kit to throw a feast for Mom, or allow her to use it to her heart’s content.

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Moms don’t just hang about in the kitchen. If yours is a multi-tasker, always working up a storm while dinner is cooking then this is a great gift. Put the thermometer in, set a timer or a temperature, and walk away. The PRO Wireless Digital Thermometer will let you know when dinner is ready, freeing up time for what’s important.

With spring weather finally here, making breakfast outside on the grill is just a natural thing to do. Use this reversible griddle to make Mom breakfast on Mother’s Day, not only will she love the meal, she’ll love the cast iron griddle too! It seasons up just like Grandmother’s old frying pan and is perfect for just about anything you can think of, from caramelized onions to a big breakfast, and even paninis.

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This Mother’s Day pamper the important Moms in your life with unique gifts that allow them to indulge in a new or favorite hobby. Or use these grill accessories to allow Mom to take a load off and relax while someone else takes care of dinner. What will you be grilling for Mother’s Day? We have loads of recipes to inspire.

Happy Grilling.