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Fantastic Grills and How To Care For Them

Fantastic Grills and How To Care For Them

The first grills that were ever manufactured by Napoleon, rolled off the assembly line in 1995. Keeping a grill in perfect working condition is as simple as performing regular maintenance like cleaning the drip tray, and burning off residue from cooking. As explained in our article about using a cover, the environment can present challenges with regards to keeping a grill in perfect working condition. Our fantastic grills are sold all over the world, living in environments that can be disastrous to an appliance that lives its life outdoors. Talking to customers from all over, we asked what the secrets to their long lasting grills were. This is: Fantastic Grills and How To Care For Them.

This grill, an old Lifestyle L450 – and one of the first grills to come out of our plant, may be a little retro looking, but after 21 years of quality grilling, all that was needed when the proud owners called us, were some new burners and cooking grids. Here are the top maintenance tips for older grills.

checkbox 1. Get hot, not bothered

After every grilling session, remember to crank those dials up to eleven and burn off any cooking residue for at least 5 minutes. Before or right after shutting things down again, give that grill a scrub with an appropriate grill brush to dislodge any leftovers. This means you won’t have to worry about doing it when you start the grill next, especially if you are cooking anything at a lower temperature, or that requires set up. You don’t want to try moving your grids to set up a smoker when the grill is red-hot.

checkbox 2. It’s a (grease) trap!

Checking your drip pan should be done on a very regular basis, up to and including every 4th or 5th grilling session. This goes especially true if you grill burgers, or anything else that is messy. The drip pan is the slide out tray that you can access from the back of your grill on older models, and the front on newer ones. It directs the drippings from anything not vaporized by the sear plates into the disposable drip tray, which should also be checked on a regular basis. One thing you should never do is line the drip pan with foil or sand. We have more details on drip pan maintenance here.

checkbox 3. Know when to cover and why

Covering your Napoleon is a good idea, especially when expecting bad weather. If you forget to, or the weather turns before you have a chance to cover your grill after the it has cooled, that’s alright. Napoleon grills are built to withstand just about anything that Mother Nature can throw at them. Just follow the guidelines in our article about covering your grill.

checkbox 4. Clean the grids, burners, and sear plates

You should give your grids and sear plates a good scrub and re-season every four months or so. Remove the grids from the grill and give them a clean with some hot and soapy water. While you are at it, remove the sear plates from the grill and give them a good sudsy scrub too. Please be careful as the sear plates are sharp, so use gloves. If the grids and sear plates need some soaking, then it’s a perfect time to have a look at your burners. Brush off any food residue, clear the burner ports and check for insect nests. When your everything is dry, fire the grill back up and season your cooking grids, it’s easy and should be done every four months to keep your grids looking like new.

checkbox 5. Check everything

Finally, once a month, give your grill a good once over. Check all hoses for cracking and leaks, and make sure the igniters are free of food residue. A good wipe down should also be part of your maintenance regimen whether or not you use a cover religiously.

The grill of your dreams is an investment in quality. If you follow this checklist and preform regular grill maintenance, your Napoleon will last a lifetime. What is your most important grill maintenance tip?

Happy Grilling!