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Advantages And Uses Of A Cast Iron Skillet

Advantages And Uses Of A Cast Iron Skillet

"At my home nobody touches the grill because they know that I am the grill master. However, I frequently have to run back inside to help my wife to prepare side dishes. Imagine our joy when we discovered that Cast Iron Skillets can be used on the grill too! Now the running back and forth inside is over. As an added bonus, I’ve discovered a lot of new recipes that need the use of a skillet. In the next few paragraphs I will tell you why it became such a useful cooking tool and how to season it.

Benefits And Uses Of A Cast Iron Skillet

There are advantages to choosing cast iron hardware, first and foremost is because of its natural non-stick finish. Second, unlike stainless steel or aluminum, cast iron offers a more even heating area for cooking regardless of the surface it’s on. Thus, it’s very advantageous for cooking anywhere, even over an open fire. When properly seasoned, unless you buy our Napoleon Cast Iron Skillet, which comes pre-seasoned and is already nonstick.

If you buy our Napoleon Cast Iron Skillet that comes with a removable handle, there is no need to season it before the first use because of its natural non-stick finish. However, you will still have to take care of it and clean it the right way. Also, it comes with a heat resistant base to protect your table from burning.

My Experience With The Cast Iron Skillet

On the very first use I fell in love with the Cast Iron Skillet. I wanted to learn new recipes and cook new types of food. I liked it because it made side dishes easier to cook and helped me to discover new side dishes like asparagus, mushrooms and peppers. The first recipe I tried with my cast iron skillet is my custom made fajitas that I have been doing for years on my kitchen stove.

Here’s a good recipe from our excellent chef here

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