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The Best BBQ: Smokers Vs Grills

The Best BBQ: Smokers Vs Grills

"Finding the best BBQ is a personal quest that I share with many other BBQ enthusiasts. There’s something amazing about sitting down in front of a large plate, knowing that it was cooked the old fashioned way — with fire! However, cooking with fire is much different than in years past, with a multitude of tools. If you’re interested in finding the very best BBQ, learn about the benefits of smokers and grills so you can find the perfect flavour.

Getting The Best BBQ: The Benefits Of Smokers

Smoking is truly a labour of love and it’s typically not something that busy professionals can undertake on a busy weeknight when they get home from work. Because smoking uses indirect heat instead of placing the meat directly on top of a flame, it can be a lengthy process. However, if you have the time, the results are well worth it. Meat that’s smoked, instead of grilled, is more tender because of the lengthy cooking process. Additionally, the smoke helps infuse the meat with a unique flavour that many grill masters say is well worth the effort.

Getting The Best BBQ: The Benefits Of A Grill

However, there are a few instances that you just don’t have the time to smoke your dinner for hours before eating. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the best BBQ possible, though! A grill is fast, convenient and versatile. If you use a gas grill, it’s possible to eat in as little as 20-30 minutes, depending on what you’re grilling. Charcoal grills can require a little extra time to preheat, but the time involved is still less than using a smoker. Additionally, a grill can cook everything from hamburgers and hot dogs, to chickens, to veggies and even desserts.

Finding the best BBQ doesn’t mean that you have to be fully committed to one BBQ style. Many BBQ aficionados agree that there’s a time and a place for both a smoker and a grill in their back yard. If you don’t have the space for both, however, consider adding a smoker tube to your existing grill set up. The results are similar and this means that you can enjoy both smoked and grilled meat whenever you want.

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