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Cold Weather? No Problem! Cold Weather Tips For Using Your Barbeque Grills

Cold Weather? No Problem! Cold Weather Tips For Using Your Barbeque Grills

"There’s no reason to pack up your barbeque grills just because the weather has turned chilly. Instead of retreating indoors, use these tips for using your barbeque grills — no matter what’s going on outside. This means you can enjoy your favorite foods year round.

Allow More Time To Preheat Barbeque Grills

Preheating is important, but it’s especially vital when it’s cold outside. Barbeque grills need extra time when it’s chilly, so make sure that you’re allowing more time, especially if you’re trying to cook dinner in a timely manner. You want your grates to be hot when it’s time to start grilling so plan for at least 30 minutes. When your grates are hot enough, you’ll have fewer problems with foods sticking to them and you’ll get those great looking grill marks that everyone is looking for.

Choose Foods That Naturally Cook Faster

Winter is not the time to grill a whole chicken! Instead, choose foods that will cook faster to minimize your time spent outside. Burgers, bacon wrapped chicken legs, chicken breasts, brats, hot dogs and steaks are all better choices than larger cuts of meat like pork loins, bone in turkey breasts and whole chickens.

Set A Timer To Know When You Should Check Your Foods On Barbeque Grills

However, if you have your heart set on beer can chicken or you’re using barbeque grills for an entire Thanksgiving turkey, just set a timer so you know when to go outside. Then, try to resist the urge to go outside before the timer goes off. If you’re new to grilling, you might need to go outside more frequently, however, experienced grillers will know how to time their trips outdoors so they can stay inside as much as possible.

Using your barbeque grills outdoors is possible every month of the year, even if the weather outside is cold and snowy. Instead of being stuck inside, use these tips to enjoy the great taste of grilled meats and veggies all year round. Your neighbors might think you’re crazy, but they’ll probably be secretly jealous when they see your dinner!

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