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Why Are Napoleon Grills So Efficient During Winter

Why Are Napoleon Grills So Efficient During Winter

"Once you have tasted meat cooked on a grill, it is really hard to go back to your old college cooking style or the stove. Some may say they don’t like winter because they can’t enjoy a nice steak off their grill, but who says they can’t? The chilly weather is NOT a reason to put your grill away. We, at Napoleon, are here to help you to get out there and fight the cold for never-ending deliciousness!

Napoleon Grills Are The Most Efficient During Winter

Napoleon grills are some of the most durable grills on the market, built for Canadian winters; let us explain why we think so. One of the greatest qualities about our Grills is the fact they are all built with high quality 304 stainless steel. This type of material ensures that your grill will last for years and years without rust or cracks. Furthermore, stainless steel can resist very hot temperatures, as well as extreme colds. Our Napoleon grills are made to heat during extremely cold temperatures for high quality food, especially during colder winters where the thermometer dips below -30 degrees Celsius! (That’s -22°F).


A Couple Pieces Of Advice For Using Your Grill In The Winter

Any sensible grill owner shovels out their grill before the driveway. Wait! You mean you don’t? Snow on the ground is not an excuse to quit grilling for the season. Now once your path is cleared and you’re ready to grill, preheat your barbecue and cover yourself! Many people throw on slippers and run out wearing little at all. Be smart, wear layers, and if needed and equip yourself with warm gloves and a hat. Then it`s time to put the meat on your grill. Don`t forget that it’s not summer, and though you’re a savvy enough griller to know not to do this, don`t open the grill every minute to look at your steak. Know how much time your meat needs to be in there, because every time you open the lid you reduce the inside temperature. You don`t want that if you want to stay outside as little time as possible.

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