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Charcoal BBQ Tips

Using Your Charcoal BBQ In Any Weather

Charcoal BBQ Tips

If you’re a BBQ enthusiast (like I am!), you won’t let bad weather keep you from heading outside to grill up your favorite meals. Before the weather gets cold and the wind howls, take a few minutes to brush up on how to use a charcoal BBQ, no matter what the weather is outside. Here are the top four charcoal BBQ tips for grilling in any weather. 

Charcoal BBQ Tip #1: Have Extra Charcoal On Hand

The wind roaring through your charcoal BBQ can cause your fire to burn faster than normally. If you’re planning on lighting up your grill and the local weather forecaster is calling for windy conditions, head to the store before starting to make sure that you have some extra charcoal on hand. This will help you keep your fire going, no matter what’s happening with the wind and unpredictable weather.

Charcoal BBQ Tip #2: Stay A Safe Distance From Your Home

The wind can kick up a spark faster than you might imagine. Because of this, it’s a good idea to put your grill a good distance from your house. This will help ensure that your home is safe and reduce the chance that a stray spark escapes and hits your house.

Charcoal BBQ Tip #3: Open The Top Slowly

The wind can quickly extinguish your fire if you open the top too quickly. To reduce the chance of your fire going out, open the top slowly and try to use your body to block any gusts of wind.

Charcoal BBQ Tip #4: Monitor Your Fire Continuously

Normally, you can head inside for a few minutes when using your charcoal BBQ. However, when the wind is howling around you, you want to stay close. Also, make sure that the grill’s damper is open at all times. When the damper is open, your fire will burn hotter so make sure to adjust the damper if your fire appears to be burning too hot.

There’s no reason to stop using your charcoal BBQ grill just because the weather isn’t optimal! Instead, just use these tips so you can be confident in your grilling skills, no matter what the weather is like outside!

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