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The Most Delicious Chicken You’ve Ever Made

The Most Delicious Chicken You’ve Ever Made

"This week spotlight is an item that I have been looking at for quite a long time; A Wok and Beer Chicken Roaster. As a huge fan of chicken, I was very excited to try this out when I bought it. Turns out, using it was very enjoyable, as much as making the chicken even more delicious with all the new flavors mixed with the poultry. You can add so many types of food to create a unique chicken every time. Keep reading if you want to learn how to use it and what are the best features.

How To Use A Chicken Roaster

After washing your chicken inside and out, preheating your grill, you’re finally ready to use your Chicken Roaster. Depending on the model, you can either cook your chicken with or without beer. My Napoleon Chicken Roaster offered me both choices so obviously I had to try it both ways. Roasted chicken with beer is a classic, always tasty, but having the possibility to use the wok changes everything. What is better than a roasted chicken? A roasted chicken with perfectly grilled vegetables to go with it! Sure, you’ve done beer, but have you thought of using something else to flavor the chicken? Try using juice, water with fresh herbs and garlic, or any other aromatic in the canister for the most moist and flavorful chicken ever. The Sultana of Sizzle on the Recipe Blog has a great recipe for Lemon Thyme Chicken, check it out here!

The Best Features Of The Chicken Roaster

The Wok and Beer Can Chicken Roaster is perfect for a good time while grilling a chicken. With its non-stick coating, you will be sure to get your whole chicken in your plate instead of only half of it. Don’t get fooled by its magnificent black color because it is very easy to clean, even after sitting a couple of hours with the grease getting a little tan all over it. The tapered cone makes it easier to insert into the chicken and keep it upright. Its also easier to remove compared to a can of beer (which can get stuck because of the suction). Last, but not least, the wok is great to collect the bird drippings for an amazing gravy.

If you’re looking for a nice recipe to try your new accessory, here it is:

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