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Meat Thermometers Can Save Your Life

Meat Thermometers Can Save Your Life

"What is worse than eating expired food? Eating raw or undercooked meat is. Well, it is known that eating undercooked meat is not good for you; but the worst thing is to eat it when it’s still raw, even after grilling it for a several minutes. Fortunately enough, you can avoid this fate by acquiring yourself a Meat Thermometer. Meat Thermometers are the best grilling tool to make sure that your meal is cooked correctly. In this blog post, you will learn why you should use a Meat Thermometer and which one is the best for you.

Why Would You Use A Meat Thermometer?

As silly as it sounds, using a Meat Thermometer will help you to cook higher quality, and more expensive, cuts of meat better. It’s the most horrible feeling when you spend all that money on an expensive piece of meat and then destroy it by overcooking. Meat Thermometers also help you avoid getting sick by eating poorly cooked and undercooked food. It is essential because if your meat doesn’t hit the inside temperature needed, it will be filled with bacteria and pathogens that cause food poisoning. That’s the reason why Meat Thermometers exist. There’s nothing worse than going to a grill party and coming back home only to get sick.

So Many Thermometers, What’s The Difference?

Choosing the right thermometer may be hard, especially when there are so many to choose from! Most thermometers consist of a probe that in you insert in the meat during cooking, and a dial on the face. However, there are tiny ones that fit into your pocket, but those are not made for prolonged exposure to heat. So they are good for emergencies or just to do a quick check of the inside temperature. The downside to that, you are opening the grill lid to stick it in and remove the thermometer frequently.

I chose to buy a Napoleon Wireless Thermometer because of all the cool features it has. You can set the display in four different languages and the stainless steel temperature probe cleans up easy and is really durable. Set the probe into a roast and leave the base on the side shelf, while wearing the wireless unit on your belt. You can set the time, the heat or the doneness of your meat – like rare, medium and charcoal brick. (That goes for steaks too!) And once the Wireless Thermometer reaches the right temperature, an alarm goes off. When I hear that alarm, it sounds to me like it’s saying, “Your meat is ready chef!”

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