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Turn Your Fish or Meat In One Twist Of The Wrist

Turn Your Fish or Meat In One Twist Of The Wrist

"Arguably, some accessories are better than others for a given tasks. But more importantly, which one is the best for (mostly) everything? That’s right you guessed it, the Multi-Grill Basket. This amazing piece of accessory will change your experience and your cooking perspective entirely. Simply as it sounds, one turn of the wrists and your fishes are ready to get some tan on the other side. If you want to learn more about this wonderful accessory, please keep reading and leave a comment in the comments section at the bottom.

How Can A Multi-Grill Basket Change Your Cooking?

Remember those times when you tried to cook fishes on your grill and half of them stick on your grate? Yeah, that’s because you’re not using the right tools; or the right grill *wink wink*. The multi-grill basket is designed to hold three fishes or three piece of meat. The best thing about the basket is that it’s non-stick, so you can stay calm and let the meat safely grill with the lid close while you enjoy a cold beer.  When the first side is done, just turn the basket and your meal is ready for round two! However, it can cook other things than meat as it’s readily adjustable to different food thicknesses; i.e. seafood and vegetables.

Let’s Talk More Technical About The Multi-Grill Basket

There are many different kinds of basket; some are bigger, smaller or higher. My favorite one is the Napoleon multi-grill basket as it comes with so many features that were not present in other accessories. I’ve been using the removable wooden handle so many times by now because since you can take it off, you don’t get burn afterwards by trying to turn or to pick up the basket. It encloses the meat enough for it to stay still without squeezing the juice out. By far, the multi-grill basket is my number one favorite accessory.

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