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The Right Cutting Board Is Right In Front Of You

The Right Cutting Board Is Right In Front Of You

"As you should know, my kitchen is exploding with old and new accessories. Every week is a new adventure for me and this time I got myself a Cutting Board Set. I know what you’re thinking “who doesn’t own a cutting board?” but the real question is: Which one do you own? Among all the cutting boards out there, the most creative ones are often as available as the cheap ones. Let me explain my story and which cutting board I ended up with.

Cutting Boards: Needed More Than You Think

Your safety is always the first thing you should be thinking about, especially in the kitchen. Kitchens are occasionally very dangerous to work in because of all the equipment you have; i.e. sharp knives and hot ovens. However much using a cutting board won’t reduce your chance of cutting yourself but at least it will keep your food away from bacterial cross contamination. It will also save your counter from all those undesirable knife marks when we cut meat, or vegetables. But let’s face it; a cutting board is the best way to get your vegetables to your meal without having to transport it with your ineffective bare hands.

Napoleon Cutting Board Set

The Napoleon cutting board is a high quality board made out of bamboo wood for the best durability. It contains a couple of features that will not only surprise you but that will make your life in the kitchen much easier. Bamboo wood itself is naturally antibacterial and also repels and kills microbes that grow as a result of use. This keeps your food free from bacteria when prepping, as well as elevated off of your counter. The cutting board is nice and thick. It feels sturdy and it’s at the perfect height for a bowl, but it also brings cutting food to a nice height, especially because I am a little tall. It comes with two hide-away bowls. As you can see on the picture above, you can easily slip a bowl under the opening that can also be used for a handle. Once chopped the food can be pushed into those bowls for storage, or transportation to the grill. How convenient is that? This is definitely one of the best cutting boards I have ever bought. I would recommend investing in a high quality cutting board like this Napoleon Cutting Board Set for your next cutting board.

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