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These Cities Sizzle! Top 10 Grilling Cities in America Part 2: Cincinnati Oh., Boston Ma., and Minneapolis Mn.

These Cities Sizzle! Top 10 Grilling Cities in America Part 2: Cincinnati Oh., Boston Ma., and Minneapolis Mn.

Using the grill to cook a meal has a way of making everything taste so much better. America is a nation of people who love to grill, so Napoleon decided to conduct a study to find out where the top ten grilling hot spots were located across the land.

These cities complete the list of 'America's Top 10 Grilling Hot Spots':

  1. Atlanta, Ga.
  2. Washington, D.C.
  3. Miami, Fl.
  4. Kansas City, Mo.
  5. Minneapolis, Mn.
  6. Boston, Ma.
  7. Cincinnati, Oh.
  8. San Francisco, Ca.
  9. Pittsburgh, Pa.
  10. Tampa, Fl.

Follow us through numbers seven, six, and five on our list, as we discover what makes Cincinnati Oh., Boston Ma., and Minneapolis Mn. sizzle.


Cincinnati Oh.

With the state of Ohio sharing a border with Kentucky, you would think that Cincinnati would be influenced heavily by Kentucky style barbecue. Not so. Instead Cincinnati seems to have a style all of its own. Like Memphis style that lets the meat and rubs speak for themselves, the locals of Cincinnati utilize rubs and careful slow cooking to produce mouthwatering results, instead of slathering everything in sauces. The meats of choice are turkey, pulled chicken, pulled pork, brisket, and ribs. Sauces are served on the side and used with restraint. These sauces are of a smoky and sweet variety, which ranges in composition from tomato-based like Kansas City Style to thinner vinegar-based sauces. However, all seem to have the same underlying smoky-sweet flavor profile.

If you are passing through and find you need somewhere to enjoy a great grilled meal, visit the Montgomery Inn. They have been serving their famous ribs since the late 1950’s – just ask Bob Hope! Eli’s is another barbecue joint that definitely warrants a visit. With only three meats on the menu, you bet they know what they’re doing when it comes to good barbecue.


Boston Ma.

As we travel closer to the number one Sizzling City in the U.S., we visit Boston Massachusetts, at number six on our list. Located nowhere near any of the traditional “grilling states” like Texas or Alabama, Boston’s East Coast location still provides the expected fare of Texas style brisket, North Carolina pulled pork, and Kansas City style ribs. However, access to freshly caught seafood means that you’ll see the catch of the day on the grill too. Fresh lobster, clams, cod, and swordfish are the most popular to consume grilled or not. Though you shouldn’t leave Boston without wrapping your lips around a lobster roll, where you will find it’s the roll that is grilled and not the lobster.

You’re probably wondering about the Boston Butt. Don’t say you aren’t. You will definitely find Boston Butts in Boston, many a grilling enthusiast and barbecue restaurant serves it up; but slow smoked pork shoulder is not exclusively a Bostonian delicacy. The fact of the matter is that the term “Boston Butt” actually stems from the revolutionary war. Pork shoulders were packed, stored, and transported in small casks called butts. And that is why they’re called Boston Butts.

If you are using this series of articles as a guide around the United States of Barbecue, you will need to find your way to Sweet Cheeks Q in Boston, owned by Tiffani Faison, a finalist on season one of Top Chef. There you’ll find all the saucy ribs, pulled Boston Butt, and chicken you could ever need. M&M’s Rib Truck specializes in ribs, but also offers a fantastic pulled pork or brisket sandwich, with all of the homemade sides you could ever desire.


Minneapolis, Mn.

Minneapolis Minnesota is number five on our list of Sizzling Cities, and with good reason. Quite the place to find interesting food from around the globe, Minneapolis boasts pockets of culture that you surprisingly don’t find in other major cities. These pockets make for some very intriguing cuisine. From squeaking cheese curds and wild rice – which is actually the seed of an aquatic grass and not rice at all – that is lovingly harvested by hand whilst in a canoe, to lutefisk which is dehydrated fish that has been reconstituted with lye, you can find just about anything to eat in Minneapolis.

The most notable, often imitated, never duplicated, Jucy Lucy is Minneapolis’ biggest claim to fame. If you haven’t heard about the Jucy Lucy, you’re missing out. Imagine molten cheese encased in a beef patty and served on a bun that is barely capable of containing all that cheesy goodness. Invented by Matt Bristol at Matt’s Bar in the 1950’s, the original wasn’t made on a barbecue, but that doesn’t stop locals from making their own version on the grill. Freshly caught Walleye is the fish of choice for dinner, when it’s not being made into lutefisk.

When it comes to restaurants of choice, C&G’s Smoking Barbeque and Ted Cook’s 19th Hole are some of the most popular places to find fantastic ribs, brisket sandwiches, and pulled pork with sides like coleslaw and beans.

Local ingredients, customs, and people, can inspire what and how you grill. Follow us as we tour through the rest of the Top Ten Grilling Cities, and gain inspiration by visiting our Recipe Blog watching Facebook and our Pinterest pages. What sorts of worldly cuisine or customs inspire your grilling habits?

Happy Grilling.