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2015 Editorial Product Reviews

2015 Editorial Product Reviews

Napoleon gas grills are a work of functional art.

They have everything you need to have an entire outdoor kitchen experience in one grilling unit.

But don’t take just our word for it…

See what Consumer Reports says about the Napoleon Prestige PRO. Click here for more information.

Maxim (05/04/15)

Six Portable Barbecues For On-the-Go Grilling

-The best grill is the one that's ready to move-

“The grill’s scissor-style stand collapses faster than the Red Sox bullpen…”

Unfinished Man (05/16/15)

King of The Grill – Napoleon Prestige PRO665 Gas Grill

“…the first thing that people will notice is its beauty.”

Cool Material (05/19/15)

The Napoleon Pro 665 Cooks Up to 42 Burgers at Once

“Built on superior technology, rock solid performance and balanced design, it outperforms any grill you’ve ever seen.”

Cool Material (06/02/15)

The Napoleon TravelQ 285 – A Portable Grill With Big Performance

“Don’t let its size fool you, the portable Napoleon TravelQ 285 can outperform grills far larger…”

Aspiring Gentleman (05/20/15)

Perfect Your Grill Game with the Napoleon TravelQ Grill

-Newbie or connoisseur, the Napoleon TravelQ 285 Grill promises to up your grill game-

“This portable awesomeness is so power packed you’ll be cooking up a storm.”

Men’s Journal (05/27/15)

Expert Advice: The Best High-Tech Grills

“A supremely reliable electronic ignition system cranks up the Napoleon's 80,000 Btus…”

Men’s Journal (05/27/15)

Gear Lab: Best High-End Grills

“Sear your meat steakhouse-style on the infrared side burner, designed to emit extremely high temperatures…”

Men’s Journal (06/19/15)

Gear Lab: This Summer's Most Badass Grill

“…delivers everything you could possibly want in a sleek, convenient package.”

Men’s Journal (07/09/15)

Expert Advice: The Best High-Performance Portable Grills

“The unique clamshell design here allows this version to hug walls in car trunks or garages.”