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Use Your Grill Wok To Its Maximum Potential

Use Your Grill Wok To Its Maximum Potential

There’s not a single day where I wake up and don’t ask myself “what haven’t I cooked yet on my grill?” When the urge to cook something new comes, I’m always surprised with the variety of accessories the retail stores have. My latest discovery is the Grill Wok and I found it so useful that I have been using it almost every day since then. Here are a couple of ideas and hints on how to use your grill wok.

Discover the Capabilities of the Grill Wok

I’ll begin by stating the obvious; it is perfect for vegetables. Now that is out of the way, I can tell you the grill wok is an incredible accessory that I would recommend for cooking healthy meals. Because of its heat conduction and its non-stick finish it is very convenient for stir-frying dishes like pasta, seafood and meat without adding much, if any, oil. The sloped sides allows you to grill smaller foods without them escaping through the cooking grids. The way the bowl is perforated on the sides helps the heat from the grill to cook your food evenly for tastier meals. There are also two handles for an easy transportation from the kitchen to the grill. But you need to be careful because most grill woks are made of steel therefore they keep heat for a relatively long amount of time. So wear heat-proof gloves.

How To Use And Care For Your Grill Wok

It’s always important to learn everything about your new grilling accessory and how to use it to it’s maximum potential. The first piece of advice I have is to apply a little bit of nonstick cooking spray and preheat your grill wok on the grill before putting your food in it. Use tongs that are tipped in rubber so you don’t damage the finish. As you know, a wok is flat giving it the best shape for setting on your cooking grids. You can even use the grill wok over direct heat, or on a side burner. When you are done with your grill wok, just put it in the dishwasher or clean it with soap and water.

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