Mike : Grilling In The Antarctic

We were on a 9 day cruise from Ushuaia Argentina to the Antarctic and back. The ship is the Sea Explorer 1 operated by Polar Latitudes. One of the stops was a US scientific research station called Palmer Station which is just north of the Antarctic Circle at 64.77 degrees South. They ship owns a Napoleon Mirage charcoal grill. They flashed it up and fed the guests and crew on an absolutely gorgeous afternoon. Even though we were that far south any good Canadian could have worn shorts that day. I am not sure this is common for the ships sailing in that area but we had a lot of fun and I was surprised to see a Napoleon Grill on board. The whole trip was amazing. The starkness of the mountains, glaciers and icebergs was like no other place on earth. We spent quality time with penguins and, whales and different types of seals over the nine days. Definitely a bucket list type of trip. If you need any other details just let me know. Cheers Mike