Rick : My BBQing Skills Didn't Win Any Gold Medals.

"It was Sunday, February 23, the morning of the big game between Canada & Sweden for Olympic Gold. I had invited some friends over to watch the game and have a morning BBQ along with some cold beer. On the menu was BBQ’d peameal bacon on Kaiser buns. I didn’t want to get my hands all covered with the cornmeal that the bacon was covered in so I just cut open the bag and dumped the whole piece on the grill, using tongs to position it. I closed the lid and let the bacon cook on the bbq, checking it periodically. The bacon was turning a nice golden brown colour which I had never seen before when I had cooked peameal bacon on the bbq and I never thought anything more about it. I used a thermometer to check the doneness of the bacon. When it was getting close to being done, I slathered tons of maple BBQ sauce all over the bacon. It looked and smelled wonderful. The Kaisers were nicely toasted & breakfast was ready to be served. It wasn’t until I was slicing the bacon that I noticed that it was wrapped in cellophane. I had never, ever had peameal bacon before that was double wrapped. Needless to say, peameal bacon was no longer on the menu and a quick run to a coffee shop for some breakfast sandwiches was made."