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Welcome the Prestige PRO™ PRO500RB Gas Grill into your yard. A sleek and shiny grill that proves you can have style and substance. The PRO500RB will outperform and outlast other grills. The 304 stainless steel body resists corrosion while the stainless steel tube burners and sear plates evenly distribute heat and prevent any sort of grease buildup. Grill into the night with the stylish and practical i-Glow™ control knobs, backlit with blue LED lights. And have everything in arm’s reach with the chromed towel bars and large side shelves that double as prep surfaces. The PRO500RB Gas Grill is a work of art, from its pedestal base that hides the casters, to its chromed out details. The stainless steel construction, inside and out means that it will last for years and years.


  • Up to 66,000 BTU’s
  • 5 burners
  • Cooking Area: 760 in²
  • Engaging i-GLOW™ backlit control knobs for late night entertaining
  • Stainless steel tube burners with crossover lighting
  • Heavy duty rotisserie kit with counter balance and two forks for delicious restaurant style cooking using the infrared rear burner
  • Deluxe high top, space saving LIFT EASE™ roll top lid with polished chrome trim accents and handle
  • Premium stainless steel side shelves with polished chrome towel bars and tool hooks
  • Pedestal base with hidden casters
  • Add the fun and flavour of charcoal on your gas grill with Napoleon’s® optional charcoal tray
  • Available as a natural gas or propane unit
  • Built-in model available

The generous 500 square inches of main grilling area means that you can grill up to 31 burgers. Feed that crowd in style with a PRO500RB Gas Grill. The stainless steel grids are nine millimeters thick, resisting corrosion and heating evenly. The unique wave shape cradles the food, making it harder for anything to fall through. Direct grilling isn’t all the Prestige® PRO500RB does. The double walled lid provides incredible heat control allowing you to use indirect heat to roast the perfect meal and even bake cookies and cakes. The lid design also allows you to use your gas grill as a smoker. Use the stainless steel smoker tube or the charcoal smoker tray and add that smoky flavor to your meals. The PRO500RB comes with a heavy duty rotisserie kit. The infrared rear burner will allow you to rotiss up to three whole chickens at once.

Details for the PRO500RB

Keeping your Prestige PRO™ Gas Grill pristine is easy. The stainless steel body and chrome details shrug off dirt and corrosion, wiping down easily. Inside the PRO500RB, there is a full width stainless steel drip pan that directs grease to the drip tray with disposable liner. That won’t be used much though. There are seven staggered sear plates made from stainless steel. These sear plates vaporize any grease and oil that drips from your food. This adds the “smoky” grilled flavor that you know and love. If any of that grease doesn’t get vaporized there is no surface for grime to accumulate.  The generous side shelves on the PRO500RB have built in condiment trays. There is also a chrome plated condiment basket inside the grill for added organization and storage. The Prestige PRO500RB Gas Grill will have you grilling and looking great doing it.

Stainless Steel Wave™ Rod Cooking Grids Rear Infrared Rotisserie Burner Jetfire Ignition System iGlow Backlit Control Knobs
Stainless Steel Wave™
Rod Cooking Grids
Infrared Rear Rotisserie
Jetfire Ignition system i-Glow™ backlit Knobs
Electronic Ignition System Charcoal Tray Stainless Steel Tube Burners And Sear Plates
LIFT EASE™ Roll Top Lid Use Charcoal On A Gas Grill Stainless Steel Tube
Burners And Sear Plates

PRO500 Measurements
Every Napoleon Prestige PRO™ Series PRO500RB Gas Grill comes with a fully assembled and tested grill head, the cart assembly, side shelves, and hardware. The PRO500RB also comes with the nine millimeter stainless steel cooking grids, warming rack, and condiment basket. This grill also comes with a heavy duty rotisserie kit, including the motor, spit, forks and counter balance. Every Napoleon® Prestige PRO™ grill comes with its instruction manual and a copy of the Prestige® All Season Cookbook.

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