LEX / Mirage 485

LEX485 / M485

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  • 48,000 BTU's
  • 3 Burners
  • 675 in2 Total Cooking Area
  • Stainless Steel Construction

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LEX / Mirage 485

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Product features

Mirage Series Gas Grill
Stainless Steel WAVE™ Cooking Grids
i-GLOW™ Backlit Technology
Stainless Steel Sear Plates
ACCU-PROBE™ Temperature Gauge

Product Description

It may be called a Mirage but this gas grill is no illusion. The Mirage M485 is a quality grill constructed out of stainless steel and built to last. Napoleon’s gas grills extend your cooking area from the kitchen to outdoors. Everything you need to create amazing gourmet meals is in one place. The stainless steel burners produce the perfect heat for everything from quick searing to baking. The double walled stainless steel lid captures the heat from the burners, circulating it and producing an oven-like effect perfect for baking and roasting. 



Constructed from the high quality stainless steel, the Mirage M485 shakes off corrosion, staying beautiful in all conditions. Wow your friends and family with an M485 Gas Grill. It looks like a million bucks with its high end stainless steel body, but is incredibly affordable. The unique iGlow control knobs glow from behind with futuristic blue LED lights. Grill 24 hours a day, rain or shine with the Mirage M485 grill. 


Napoleon’s Mirage Gas Grills provide everything you need on one grill. Cook up to 24 burgers. With 48,000 BTU’s of output from the four main burners, and 13,500 BTU’s from the ceramic rear infrared burner, there is nothing you can’t cook on this grill. Sear over high heat using direct grilling. The unique WAVE™ rod cooking grids will give you beautiful grill marks. Turn the grill down, leave a couple of burners off and your M485 is now an oven. Bake everything from the perfect roast of beef to cakes and cookies using the indirect grilling method. Use the ceramic rear infrared burner with a rotisserie kit for a juicier roasted meal. 

M485 Gas Grill’s exceptional JETFIRE™ ignition system lights the burners by igniting a jet of gas directly with the push of the control knobs. This means that the igniter on the M485 will last longer than conventional ones because it is only hot when lighting your grill. This prevents stress on the materials, increasing the longevity of your grill further. Each Mirage Grill is tested to the highest standards in Canada, the United States and Europe. This ensures that your quality Mirage grill will last for ages to come in all seasons and weather. 


Every Mirage M485 Gas Grill comes complete in one box with the fully assembled grill head, side shelves and cart. All the hardware and the manual come with the Mirage as well as the stainless steel WAVE™ grids, warming rack, a permanent drip tray, disposable liner and a stainless steel condiment basket for added storage.

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How often: Once a week
Type of griller: Advanced
How long owned: From New
This grill has been fantastic thus far. I have had it for about 3 months and no issues at this point. First off I must say that the packaging is very thorough so there is little chance of any damages. I do recommend that you have at least one other person to help you lift the lid out of the box and onto the cart. I found that opening up all the parts and pieces made the grill come together in a reasonable amount of time. It took me between 30-45 minutes to put this huge grill together. I highly recommend that you use power socket wrench rather than your hand. I started with just a wrench and that slowed me down so use as many power tools as you can to speed up the process. Once the grill was set up, I decided to light it up to burn off any oils that are on the metals. Later that night I tried my luck at Infrared Cooking. I am now sold on infrared cooking. I have tried the Charbroil Red grill at my brother-in-laws house and please be fully aware that the infrared that Charbroil is
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Technical Specification


MSRP Starting From
President's Limited Lifetime
Fuel Type
Natural Gas & Propane
Total BTU's
Total Cooking Area (Square Inches)
Burger Capacity (4 Inch Diameter)
Stainless Steel
i-GLOW™ / NIGHT LIGHT™ control knobs

Grilling Systems

Infrared Cooking Options
Total BTU's
Cooking Grids
Stainless steel WAVE™ cooking grids
Sear Plates
Stainless Steel
Ignition Systems
Bottom Burners (BTU’s)
Rear Burner (BTU’s)
Side Burner (BTU’s)
Rotisserie Kit
Control Knobs
Temperature Gauge
Removable Drip Pan
Warming Rack
Ice Bucket Cutting Board
Prestige All Season Cookbook

Grilling Area

Primary Grids (Square Inches)
Side Burner (Square Inches)
Warming Rack (Square Inches)
Total Cooking Area (Square Inches)
Burger Capacity (4 Inch Diameter)


LIFT EASE™ Roll Top lid
Cooking Box
High Grade 430 Stainless Steel
Powder Coated Steel / 2 Stainless Steel Doors
Side Shelves
Stainless Steel
Condiment Rack
Accesories Hooks
Propane Tank Holder

Assembled Dimensions

Height (Inches)
Width (Inches)
Depth (Inches)
Weight (Kgs / Lbs)
65.5 KG / 144.4 LBS

Box Dimensions

Height (Inches)
Width (Inches)
Depth (Inches)
Weight (Kgs / Lbs)
65.5 KG / 144.4 LBS

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No great grill is complete without the right tools for the job. Napoleon has a full range of grilling accessories that are perfect for your grill.
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