Tumble Basket




Before, I wasn’t much of a fan of using the rotisserie, that was until I found this very practical ‘Tumble Basket’. If you’re a fan of roasting and already have a rotisserie spit, you’ll find the tumble basket extremely useful as it can cook food your rod simply can’t. The basket fits easily onto your rotisserie spit.  Keep reading for the best advice on how to use your tumble basket to its full potential!


How Is The Tumble Basket Used

The tumble basket adds a whole new extension of functionalities to your rotisserie spit. Imagine cooking a whole fish or chicken while applying your favorite marinade. It’s perfect for smaller foods like chicken wings or shrimps too. Currently I am using my tumble basket mostly for cut vegetables and fish because I think they taste better being spit roasted. Something that you want to watch out when you’re roasting is drying. Smaller food tends to dry while they are tumbling around so it’s always good to use some kind of watery mixture or a marinade that you can apply while things are rolling.



The Advantage Of Using A Tumble Basket


The tumble basket is composed of a nonstick finish, which lets you cook your favorite meals without leaving pieces behind. The first benefit I found in the tumble basket is the simplicity of cooking your food with the heat of your grill without burning it on the cooking grids. The concept is that the food inside the tumble basket rotates and is cooked as the rotisserie spit slowly spins. Obviously, you need to make sure the food inside the basket is going to hold together during the whole rolling around thing. So sturdy foods like vegetables, and whole chicken wings will work best when starting out.

Small piece of advice, an accessory that could definitely be paired with the tumble basket is the silicone brush since it is small enough to fit through the cracks of the basket for applying the perfect marinade. And last, put a drip pan underneath it as you grill. It will make your life much easier as far as cleanup goes, and will catch any errant food that slips out of the basket, as well as increasing your barbecue’s lifespan.


Here’s an amazing recipe for wings on you grill.

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