Throwing The Best BBQ Party



Summer is perfect for a relaxed get together with friends, but throwing a casual party doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make an effort to plan the best BBQ party ever. Use these tips and you’ll have a party that your friends will talk about as one of the best BBQ parties they’ve ever been to.

How Food Can Help Make The Best BBQ Party A Reality

Great food is a must. While there’s nothing wrong with hamburgers and hot dogs, if you’re looking to have the best BBQ party, you’ll need to get a little creative. Plan on something a little more exciting, such as a smoked brisket or pork shoulder and slice the meat for sandwiches. Then, include traditional side dishes, but with a twist. Create an Asian inspired cole slaw with cabbage and dried ramen noodles, as well as a potato salad that’s meant to be served warm. These twists on classic dishes had my guests begging for the recipes, as well as an invite to next year’s BBQ.

Drinks Can Make A Difference

Beer and BBQ go together like salt and pepper, so I like to make sure to have a cooler of cold ones available. However, at my last party, I served a refreshing adult version of raspberry lemonade and it was a definite hit.

To make it, I simply mixed together lemon flavoured vodka with some raspberry liquor and club soda. The end result was a refreshing beverage that everyone enjoyed. I put it in a large, self-serving carafe with some fresh lemon slices and raspberries. The drink looked as great as it tasted!

Help Your Guests Let Loose With Fun Games

Forget horseshoes or other boring BBQ games! Instead, make sure your party claims its rightful title as the best BBQ by renting a giant inflatable water slide! Our guests had a blast hurtling down the slide and even had an impromptu contest to see who could go down the fastest.

Planning the best BBQ party doesn’t have to be difficult. Instead, think about your guests and plan a menu full of unique foods and drinks, as well as plan some fun entertainment so everyone has an unforgettable time. I know our guests did!